With more and more people going online, starting to use internet, Businesses are also starting to attract customers on internet. Most of the business owners today try to get their website design as their first step towards online marketing. But Here is the thing, you don’t actually need a website if you are doing this!


If you are getting a website developer/designed or building a website yourself just to have a website, You are WASTING YOUR MONEY and EFFORTS.

Seriously, Right Now, in 2021, If you are building a website just to have a website, its not going to help, Its not needed at all. You should stop building it or delete it right away, cancel your yearly subscriptions and save some money.

You can stop reading the article now, if you want to do that.


If you are really serious about the doing business online and getting results out of your website, you should continue reading.

1. Questions and Answers

Websites are not just some simple page or piece of the certificate that you need to have, It’s your online store, a place where people can visit and see find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.

A website should explain

  • who are you
  • what you do
  • where people can find you
  • why should people trust you
  • what is your history
  • what is your experience
  • how happy your customers are
  • who did you serve before
  • why you are different
  • what are you selling
  • how to contact you
  • how much your products or services are going to cost
  • more and more

This is not all, There are thousands of questions that customers can have in their mind.

So, My Dear Business Owner, Does Your Website Answer to at-least some of the questions that your customer will have in their mind.

This is the First Reason, You need a website, not to just have website but to answer the questions there are their in minds of your customers.

2. Discovery and Recovery

Oh my God, Did you miss this one.

Lets imagine, you decided to start a business (offline) and You needed a office. You built it in a lonely mountain or a sea-side or maybe on a island.

Is it wise to do that, Guess NO.

The Same happens with Website. Its needs to visible to people. People should be able to find out your website or its for no use and you better get your website down.

The Question is how will you do it?

  • By Optimizing site for Search Engines
  • By Promoting it on Social Media
  • By Running Digital Ads on Search Engines and Social Media Platforms that also where your audience is.

Now, These three points doesn’t seem huge but actually they are huge there are dozen of factors and processes for doing and making it happen. It needs to be done and it takes time, efforts and experience to do all this.

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